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 Vote For Cash!

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PostSubject: Vote For Cash!   Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:04 pm

Goal: To register an account and vote 5 stars for iCraig! ( Also make multiple accounts if you're not busy and get us more 5 star votes! )


Another thing, if you want to help keep ALL of our advertisements going, make accounts on http://RuneLocus.com & http://RuneServer.org and post on these 2 threads. I'm not suppose to double post, so if they get low, just give me a free bump saying like "Good Job" etc..



Tutorial for newbies (Took me an hour to make this tut):

You want more players? Then keep making accounts.

*Reminder - You can use/make-up any email address you want to.

Every time you rate 5 stars, you sha'll recieve 100k cash. You're thinking that's not a lot of money, but you can make up to 60 accounts an hour if your fast. That's 6m already. Also our prices are going down again so this is a good chance to make some money.

For proof use this format:

Cash Earned:


Voted: 10
Cash Earned: 1M
Users: Burnout1;Burnout2;Fredy2;Fredy21;Fredy218;Fredy2184;Ownt2;Ownt21;Ownt218;Ownt2184
Pass: holt
Thoughts: Hey Renegade, this looks good I'll be sure to vote 100 times!

Any other posts other these these applications will be deleted, if you want to post post under "Thoughts"

Also! - I will check the accounts you used be sure to use the same pass for ALL your accounts.

Donate to iCraig today, and make a difference.

Or this will happen..

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Jake Jones
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Co - Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Vote For Cash!   Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:06 pm

Stay on the Thread, any Post that does not talk about the Voting for Cash nor has the format will be counted as spam. This is your last warning that I am giving you.
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Vote For Cash!
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